Top AI Companies and Their Biggest Impact on Our Future

by fintech herald
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If you were asked to name the biggest and most influential companies in the world right now, wouldn’t you be inclined to name one or two of them as being an AI company? The answer is yes. Why do I say so? Because the biggest and most successful businesses in the world today already realize this, and now they are investing in AI.

Here’s list of some of the top 15 most powerful AI companies who have the resources and power to mold our future through AI technology. These are the top players in the field of artificial intelligence. They include:

Google. Google is arguably the most popular search engine in the whole world and the only one which is constantly improving its technology. Not only is Google the most popular search engine but it also has the potential to be the most influential.

Siemens. Siemens is one of the biggest and most respected corporations in Europe. It was formed by the merger of an electrical engineering firm with a chemical engineering firm.

Cisco. The leader in software, hardware, network and security.

Yahoo. The leader in internet advertising.

Amazon. Deep Learning is the name of Amazon’s Artificial Intelligence project. It was started by the founder of the company Jeff Bezos. His team was comprised of top research scientists.

You see, as you can see, there are many of these AI companies working on Artificial Intelligent technologies right now. They are all trying to figure out what the future holds and how we will use these systems and tools to enhance our lives and make life easier. They are creating programs for healthcare, education, entertainment, finance, transportation and many other industries.

But what is the purpose behind developing an artificially intelligent system like Deep Learning? Think about the future. Will it be used by terrorists to kill us all? Or will we find ourselves using the technologies created by these companies to do our jobs for us better than we ever thought possible?

The first thing we need to do is look at the past and see where each of the top AI companies started from and then look at where they are today. What is their business model? What was their original vision?

Google was created to give people information. Its mission is to deliver the best quality search results that would provide the most relevant and useful search possible to the user. Google is very successful because they take the most important information from all over the web and present it to the user. They don’t try to sell anything.

Their original mission is to allow users to see what Google has to say for themselves. If someone is willing to pay, they get the answers they want to know. This is what we need right now in our society right now, a free market. for us to all compete for information.

Now let’s look at IBM. IBM is focused on Deep Learning as a way for developers to create artificial intelligent software and applications to assist them in the creation of new knowledge and solutions in the IT industry.

If someone wants the answer to a question, “What is your problem?” IBM is the place to go. IBM has the resources to solve that problem for you.

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