Radical thinkers on business, society and ecology hosted by Nyenrode Busisiness University

by wrich
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To play a key role in shaping responsible leaders, business schools need to offer multiple perspectives on the complex social and environmental challenges of the world.

Internationally oriented, the ‘Radical Thinkers’ series hosted by Nyenrode Business University aims to provide a voice to academic thinkers with alternative and challenging perspectives at the intersection of business, society and ecology.

Timothée Parrique will give the first lecture, on the subject of Degrowth: Imagine a society where the ecological, social and economic spheres are in balance providing a meaningful life for all. All businesses desire to grow. But what is growth exactly? And what does it mean when a society is not growing? Is that even possible?

Timothée’s academic writing connects the fields of heterodox economics, philosophy of science, and ecology. His dissertation ‘The political economy of degrowth’ explores the economic implications of the ideas of degrowth and has received considerable attention in Europe and beyond.

Dr. Nicolas Chevrollier, Assistant Professor at Nyenrode Business School says: “Let’s challenge our views of the world one perspective at a time. Timothée is an academic thinker who challenges a principle we all take for granted: growth, and provides us with solutions for a more sustainable future.”

The event will be held online on December 7 2021, 3:30 PM.

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