New fintech company set to change the lives of financial directors forever

by jcp
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A new business expense card and app unlike anything else in their field are set to transform how business expenses are managed and processed through a blend of the latest technology, business processes and industry knowledge.

The unique offering from Expensemate allows the often laborious expenses claims process to be sped up and simplified, removes the friction of staff re-imbursements and offers a cash flow solution through credit to the firms that use it.

Customers include the facilities management arm of national estate agency Savills who have already signed up to rollout the product on a national scale across their shopping centre portfolio, including The Trafford Centre, Manchester and metrocentre, Gateshead.

Expensemate allows financial directors to better keep on top of cash flow while also removing staff re-imbursements – meaning they can finally get the ‘credit’ they deserve, in more ways than one.

Harry Rix, founder of Expensemate said: “Our easy-to-use app means lost receipts are a thing of the past and laborious processing, which often falls into the lap of financial directors, is replaced by live data so all spend can be monitored in real time.

Commenting, Peter Ferriby, Expensemate’s chief technical officer, said: “Bringing together the very latest developments in mobile, website and cloud infrastructure, Expensemate has a truly end-to-end solution for expense management.

“From utilising the advanced processing capabilities and real-time messaging features of smartphones and a leading edge ultra-responsive web-based management portfolio, through to integration with a myriad of accounting software and bespoke systems, Expensemate’s in-house development team continues to push the boundaries of traditional expense management.”

Harry added: “I take pride in the way that our innovative approach to something that is an often time-consuming task can make such a profound difference to such a wide range of businesses.

“Expensemate is delivering a cutting-edge customer experience. The positive feedback we have already had from our clients – such as helping them to close their books four times faster – shows just what an impact we can make and we are looking forward to rolling out further in the coming months.

“We believe that financial directors – and their finance teams – deserve more credit for the work they do. They balance the books, pay the wages and make sure businesses operate at a profit. They play a business critical role and Expensemate has been developed to support this work.

“As businesses start to get back to normal and expenses pick back up, the future for Expensemate certainly looks bright.”

The product consists of a pre-paid Mastercard which is paired with an online dashboard and mobile app that works alongside the customer’s accountancy software.

You can find out more about Expensemate here.


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