Mickey Launches Energy Division Giving Small and Medium-sized Natural Gas Suppliers Access to Domestic Buyers

by jcp
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Industry Veteran and Chartered Financial Analyst,
Richard James (RJ) Hayes Named Head of Energy

NEW YORK : Mickey, a leading commodities technology platform that connects US-based small-to-midsize suppliers with global buyers, is announcing the launch of its natural gas division. Mickey’s platform will enable domestic natural gas buyers to source supplies from small-to-medium-sized producers in the US and will manage all aspects of the trade including, hedging, logistics, distribution, and risk management.

With the launch of Mickey’s energy division, the company appointed Richard James (RJ) Hayes, CFA, to lead the trading, hedging, and risk management efforts. Prior to joining Mickey, RJ was Vice President of the Gas Desk at East Coast Power and Gas. While at East Coast Power and Gas he managed the procurement of physical gas supplies, optimization, financial hedging, pricing, and risk management for customer demand of approximately 30 Bcf per year. RJ has held senior gas trader and other positions with energy leaders such as Citadel, Twin Eagle Resource Management and BP.

Mickey’s energy division will allow small and medium sized producers and end users the kind of price transparency and volume flexibility that historically has only been available to the largest companies in the space. Currently, Mickey’s energy supply is available in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania with plans to expand over time.

“Last year, the US used about 30.5 tr illion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas which is about 34% of the country’s total energy consumption,” said RJ Hayes, Head of Energy for Mickey. “Prior to Mickey, only a handful of dedicated energy marketers were helping to get these energy products distributed across the states — now, we’re able to work closely with smaller suppliers who relied on larger, more expensive firms to handle their transactions.”

“The U.S. is striving to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels through cleaner, more natural solutions,” said Alex Rabens, CEO of Mickey. “With more electric vehicles on the roads today, and other non-fossil fuel innovations, these products will still need a source of power and cleaner, natural ga s will be the country’s best option going forward. I’m thrilled that RJ will help lead Mickey’s efforts to get natural gas to buyers — without the antiquated methods of traditional sales and transactions.”

Over the last few years, the energy market has seen marketing shops as well as smaller producers get acquired by larger companies. These recent mergers and acquisitions may certainly be a symptom of the fact that, up until now, there have been limited options for these smaller companies to sell their gas at a reasonable price — without being a part of a larger corporation. This has left smaller companies to sell their production at a discount, or otherwise sacrifice optionality in order to gain access to the distribut ion operations of much larger entities. Mickey is becoming the alternative.

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