London the best city in UK for parking

UK capital followed by Manchester and Edinburgh for parking in latest study

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19 April: London is the best city for parking in the UK according to a study by EasyPark, the parent company of the UK’s leading cashless parking provider RingGo. London’s advancements in smart technology make it best-in-class for parking.

London scores top marks (100) for parking innovation, with Manchester (97.2), Edinburgh (97), Sheffield (92.4) and Cambridge (90.1) rounding out the top five. The data was taken from the “Cities of the Future Index”, which reveals the cities with the best technological solutions that improve their sustainability and liveability.


App uptake, smart parking capabilities, mobility attitudes, and government initiatives were all assessed to calculate the progression of parking innovation. In terms of progressing clean transport strategy, London takes top place again (85.2), followed by Edinburgh (80.8) and Sheffield (80.5).

Despite London’s top spot for these metrics, the capital city (86.95) does not score the highest for traffic management. Instead, the top three in this regard are Coventry (91.9), Sheffield (91) and Birmingham (90.9).

To find the best city overall, the three mobility metric scores were combined. The top ten cities overall for parking, traffic management and clean transport uptake are as follows:


  1.     London – 272.15
  2.     Edinburgh – 266.1
  3.     Manchester – 264.8
  4. Sheffield – 263.92
  5.     Cambridge – 257.45
  6.     Oxford – 256.49
  7.     Glasgow – 256.41
  8.     Newcastle – 256.31
  9.     Coventry – 255.88
  10.   Southampton – 251.21


Peter O’Driscoll, Managing Director, RingGo said: “It’s great to see cities investing in innovations that improve mobility – implementing digital solutions to add convenience and help residents travel more efficiently.


“It is critical that we understand the challenges our cities face – UK cities are uniquely densely populated, with historic road systems. Increasing mobility and ensuring roads are as efficient as possible is a complex task, which requires we use all the data generated, including parking data, efficiently and as a service.”

“The development of transport networks and the integration of sustainable travel, with cleaner vehicles and controlled emissions zones, is fundamental to the cities of the future. They cannot be an afterthought for councils when developing long-term, holistic strategies.”



The Cities of the Future Index analyses the most technologically and sustainably advanced cities in the world. It considers 14 factors that contribute to entrepreneurial, environmental and societal progress. Thousands of global cities were reviewed and ranked according to these 14 factors, from which a final list of the top 150 cities was determined based on total scores and the availability of comparable data. More details about the survey compilation can be found here:


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