Impact Banking App Novus Processes £1M Towards Good Causes

by jcp
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After officially launching to the UK public only a couple of weeks ago, Novus, the impact banking app, has processed more than £1,000,000 of customer payments.

The impact generated actively supports social & environmental causes rather than simply going towards making payments. So far, the Novus community has used their daily spending to generate:

With Novus, every time a user taps their card, real-time ‘impact’ points are generated, which are then donated to various environmental and social causes such as providing meals and cleaning the ocean. Members can then follow their impact to see just how much of a difference they are making and track and offset their carbon footprint based on their card activity. Even the bank card is compostable!

Novus helps members generate a positive impact on the world around them with every purchase without costing an extra penny. Novus uses interchange fees (the classic debit card fee your bank collects whenever a customer makes a purchase) and shares a part of that fee automatically with the impact cause of your choice within the app. Users can choose whether they want their contribution to plant trees, donate books, provide clean water, save turtles, and more.


Hris Nedyalkov, CEO and Co-Founder of Novus at Novus, said: “It continually amazes us just how much good people can do by coming together and contributing to good causes. Through our member’s everyday spending, we’ve been able to donate to and support some impressive initiatives. Whether that’s SolarAid, Bloody Good Period, Sightsavers or one of our other fantastic partners, I’m so proud of being a part of the Novus community making a difference.

“This is only the beginning. We’ve got some bold plans for 2022, and we can’t wait to welcome more members to our community as we continue to grow and help to make the world a better place.”

Want to know what monthly impact you can generate by switching to Novus? The Novus calculator allows you to select the causes you’d like to support and calculate what a difference you can make simply by using your Novus card for your everyday spending. Check out the calculator to find out!

Turn your spending into a force for good with Novus. Visit to download Novus today.

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