Fintech Industry Trends – Is Your Company Going Global?

by fintech herald
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If you are a Financial Advisor, then you must be aware of the fintech industry trends. Most Financial Advisors are not familiar with the term and they do not understand the value proposition of this technology. Hence, I have divided this article into different segments and will discuss each one of them.

First of all, let us look at the digitalization of Banking. There is a lot of buzz around mobile Apps and digital assistants. Some of the large Financial Institutions like State Street, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs is using mobile apps to streamline their business and help their customers. Soon, we will see big data tools integrated into Banking systems.

Secondly, there is Open Banking. This concept is a part of Fintech and it is very interesting. Most of the Financial Institutions are already opening an offshore bank in Switzerland and a few in Singapore. But, they are using big data tools to help their customers. We will see more open banking in the future.

The third segment is Quantitative analytics. This is also in trend and most of the big Banks are using this technology. We will see more financial firms using oodles to make their decision. Yahoo has already developed an application for financial data. So, if you want to get insights, then you can use yodlee.

The fourth segment is Asset management. Here we are going to discuss how Asset Management evolved and how it is being used in the current market. Hence, we will cover the key areas and things that are changing in this field.

Fifth, we will be discussing the Open Source platform. The open source platform is the most preferred by the asset management firms. Companies prefer to use open source because it is cheap and reliable. Companies can use it for their ERP software and other mobile apps. Using open source in this field is very attractive because it helps you to keep the costs low.

Sixth, we are going to discuss about the Mobile Industry. Nowadays, most of the Companies are using mobile phones to reach out to the end users. It is very important to keep your company ahead of the competition. Companies need to know the market trends, and mobile is one of them.

In conclusion, the discussion presented above gives us the gist of the biotech industry. We discussed the essential sectors that are changing in terms of market trends. We also saw how firms are using fintech software, to stay up with the competition. Now it is time to move ahead and take decisions.

Let us know the market trends that we have discussed above. The first trend is the mobile market. Nowadays, mobile phones are used by everyone. Almost every person owns a mobile phone, which makes this a huge market. Thus, if you want to penetrate into this market, then what is fintech industry for you?

Another fintech industry trend is software. Nowadays, software companies are growing in large numbers. People use software everyday to do their day to day work. Hence, if you want to enter this market, then what is fintech software for you?

The third market trend, we will discuss is Internet marketing. Internet marketing is an area where people use the web for buying and selling different products. If you want to make money online, then you should consider entering into this market. And since there are a lot of opportunities in this market, you should consider which business could bring you more money.

The last market trend that we will discuss is outsourcing. Nowadays, most of the business decisions are made online. If you want to have a successful business, then you should consider outsourcing your work to other countries. So, which is fintech industry trends about outsourcing?

Well, outsourcing is one of the biotech industry trends which can bring you more profits. As a matter of fact, most of the companies prefer to hire IT professionals from other countries because they can be cheaper than their local counterparts. There are a lot of companies who prefer to hire IT professionals in other countries like India, Philippines and China. Outsourcing has become a part of the biotech industry for sure.

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