Credit Card Processing Services For Small Businesses

by fintech herald
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Global Payments is a publicly listed company in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and they are a member of the S & P 500 Index. They have global offices located all over the U.S., Europe, Canada, UK, Spain, Russia and in Asia-Pacific. Global Payments facilitates various payments for merchants and clients world wide, but first and foremost they process payments for thousands of companies in the New York area. These businesses are generally small to medium size and have an online merchant account with which they accept credit cards and electronic checks as well as debit cards. They also have payment rails that allow payments to be made through various methods, such as PayPal. The number of different payment types processed by Global Payments has grown dramatically over the years and in fiscal year 2020, they processed more than twenty billion dollars worth of transactions.

Global Payments was created when they were started twenty-seven years ago by Jim Cilsworth. He founded the company with just ten employees. Since then it has gone through a lot of changes and growth. With twenty-one employees and growing they are now profitable and have more than twelve thousand employees worldwide. Many of their customers are businesses who have never had an ecommerce experience before, but they are finding this method very convenient for accepting payments from businesses world wide. Many business owners do not know where to start looking for a payment method and Global Payments can help.

There are many different areas of specialization with Global Payments. One of these is in the area of merchant services. Global Payments specializes in helping merchants with payment processing, software solutions, account management and other business management issues. They can provide merchant services for local, regional and international businesses. This is their prime focus and what makes them distinct from other security technology company.

There are a couple of negative reviews on the internet about global payments. Many of these were written by unhappy customers who were unsatisfied with their purchase or were unhappy with the service they received. One customer stated they were told there would be no negative reviews and that it was a program from a well-known software company. Another customer stated they were sold an e-commerce solution by an independent sales agent and received nothing in return, but still left a message complaining about Global Payments and their lack of support.

Most of the complaints were centered around the fact that global payments do not offer any merchant account options. Most businesses cannot compete in a market without a merchant account and this is why it is so important to choose the right one when you set up your site. The problem with most of the complaints was the fact that the complaints were submitted well after the merchant account agreement was in effect. This meant that none of the terms of service that accompanied the deal actually provided any protection to the business.

Global Payments made it very clear to me that they were in full compliance with all of their financial laws and regulations and that they had never had to refund a credit card transaction for something that did not go as planned. I also noticed they had a strong stance on holding up their end of the bargain, which included having an early termination fee if the merchant account was not repaid in full within the agreed time period. They also require their merchant partners to submit payment receipts whenever a payment is made. This ensures all of their financial obligations are met and nothing is overlooked.

While it is my opinion that global payments could have offered more options for my business and I am not saying they were completely wrong, their service is still not as robust as it could and should be. Their terms of services and their money back guarantee did make things a bit more complicated for me but they did provide all of the options I needed. There were a few other things that bothered me but global payments did offer a robust solution for my business. Global Payments does have a merchant service and it does allow for safe online processing for my small business.

I wish I had chosen credit card processing services instead of global payments technology company. Global Payments’ technology company’s services are better suited for larger businesses with many outlets. They provide better options and do provide some of the best solutions for my business. If you are considering a merchant account, then I would recommend going with a reputable and secure provider who offers safe processing services.

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