Chaser releases in-app credit checking

by jcp
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3 August 2021

The new functionality allows users in the UK to access real-time insights on a company’s credit history such as their credit score, credit limits and company financials.

Chaser, the credit control automation platform and service provider, today unveiled a new credit checking feature that helps businesses learn more about their customers’ payment behaviours and helps them make more informed decisions on who they choose to do business with. The feature is part of the company’s complete suite of tools to help businesses better manage their customer relationships, providing them with the insights they need to support business growth.

Credit checking is one of the most important aspects in a credit control process. When onboarding new customers, having the right information at the right time makes the whole engagement more transparent and predictable. This sets up the customer relationship for success, where you can manage the risk from the start and then evaluate and monitor this over a period of time.

Credit checking streamlines the business relationships and minimizes the financial risk for any company, adding an important piece in Chaser´s mission of giving businesses peace of mind.

Chaser´s credit reports include credit history, credit limits, financials, company structure and shareholder information. With flexible packages, credit checking is available to any type of company, SME or enterprise.

“Credit checks should be part of a credit control process at every stage. If businesses let late payments slide, for example, collection problems could pop up much later,” said Sonia Dorais, CEO of Chaser. “For that reason, we believed enabling this feature directly from our application was essential to helping businesses optimise their credit control and get paid for their work.”

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